Connector: CPU Fast Slot (A2000)
Harms Computertechnik A500 Accelerators Professional 030 Plus (a2000 version)
Supra Corporation Supra Turbo 28
Commodore A2000 Accelerators A2620
CSA (Computer Systems Associates) Magnum 40/4
Turbo Amiga CPU
DCE Blizzard 2060
Blizzard 2604
GVP (Great Valley Products) A2000 TekMagic 040/060
A3001 (A3050)
Combo/G-Force 68030
G-Force 030 Combo
G-Force 040 Combo
Impact 68030 Accelerator
Impact A3001
Tekmagic 060
Hardital Synthesis Over The Top
Super Big Bang
Harms Computertechnik Animate III
Professional 030 Plus (a2000 version)
Professional 3000
Phase 5 Blizzard 2040/ERC
Blizzard 2060
PPS (Progressive Peripherals & Software) 040 2000
Zeus 2040
Supra Corporation Supra Turbo 28
Kupke Golem 030
Golem Turbo Board II
Ronin Research Hurricane 2000
Hurricane 2800
DKB Wildfire
IVS (Interactive Video Systems) Vector 2000
Rossmöller Handshake Mach 2
TTR Development Fusion Forty
BSC TurboMaster 3040
TurboMaster 3040S
TurboMaster 4050
TurboMaster 4050S
ACT Elektronik Vertriebs GmbH Apollo 2030 Turbo
Apollo 2040 Turbo
Apollo 2060 Turbo
Vortex Bridgeboards & Emulator Cards ATonce Classic
Commodore Misc Hardware Burn In Card
Ronin Research K-Card
Datel Action Replay (A2000 Version)
Action Replay Mk-II (A2000 Version)
Action Replay Mk-III (A2000 Version)
University of Lowell Amiga Parallel Imaging Coprocessor
Commodore RAM Expansions 1Mb RAM Expansion
Alcomp SCSI Controllers A2000 Hard Disk Interface