Rev 4 Card, Front view
Rev 4 Card, Rear View
Rev 6 Card, Front View
Upgraded with guru rom 6.10, front
Upgraded with guru rom 6.10, back
Hi Res Version, Rev 4 Front
- 2000 x 750, 209K
Hi Res Version, Rev 4, Rear
- 1012 x 380, 86K
Hi Res Version, Rev 6, Front
- 3015 x 1185, 856K
Closeup of CPU
- 2048 x 1536, 689K
Hi Res Version of Box Front
- 1400 x 596, 100K
Hi Res Version of Box Rear
- 2000 x 850, 242K
Picture of the manual
- 1275 x 1610, 204K

Processor:040@25Mhz, 040@33Mhz or 040@40Mhz
Max Ram:64MB
Ram Type:4 x GVP 64pin SIMM Slots.

An accelerator for the A2000 which is designed to plug into the CPU Fast slot. The card takes GVP 64pin SIMMs which are not necessarily compatible with the various other 64pin SIMM formats which exist. The card also contains a SCSI-II controller providing both an internal 50pin connector, and an external DB25 connector. The card has a 9pin serial port on board and a connector for attaching 25pin parallel port backplate. The parallel port can be configured to operate like a convential Amiga parallel port, or more like a PC parallel port. The card also contains a connector for attaching the GVP Spectrum 110/24 graphics card.


J2Reserved (Default)Reserved
J3Reserved (Default)Reserved
J4SCSI EnabledSCSI Disabled
J5Disabled AutobootingEnable Autobooting (Default)
J7Disable MMUEnable MMU (Default)
J8ReservedReserved (Default)
J10ReservedReserved (Default)
J15Reserved (Default)Reserved
J16ReservedReserved (Default)
J17Reserved (Default)Reserved
J18Reserved (Default)Reserved
J19Reserved (Default)Reserved
J2016MB SIMMs Installed4MB SIMMs Installed (Default)
J21ReservedReserved (Default)
J22Burst OnBurst Off (Default)
J24ReservedReserved (Default)
J26DTAK Off (Default)DTAK On
J27ReservedReserved (Default)

Note: Jumper 26 corrects a flaw which exists in old versions of the A2000. If your A2000 is Rev 4.3 or earlier, J26 should be closed.

JumperPins 1&2Pins 2&3
CN6Hard Drive LEDHard Drive LED
CN9Use Amiga Style Parallel Port (Default)Use PC Style Parallel Port
CN11ReservedReserved (Default)
CN12Reserved (Default)Reserved
CN20Reserved (Default)Reserved

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