HC+8 with manual, disk and RAM
Rev 2 HC+8
Rev 2 HC+8 with hard drive
Rev 5 HC+8
Hi Res Version, Rev 2 HC+8
- 2892 x 1212, 1,286K
Hi Res Version, Rev 5 HC+8
- 1380 x 592, 142K

A full length Zorro II scsi card which contains 8 x 30pin SIMM slots for up tp 8MB of additional RAM. The card also gas enough space to mount a hard drive directly onto the card. The card was often supplied with a SCSI hard drive, usually a 52MB Quantum.

RAM Configuration

The SIMMs are inserted from CN10 onwards and must be done in increments of 2MB, therefore 0, 2, 4, 6, 8MB are the only possible RAM configurations.

RAM Jumpers

MemorySIMM LocationsJ5J6J7J8J9


J4Hard Drive Autobooting
J10-J12SCSI ID Jumpers
CN1LED Connector
U3Autoboot EEPROM
CN250pin SCSI Connector

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